The Belle Saison capsule collection was born from the
synergy of two young creative women and
entrepreneurs: designer Anissa Kermiche
and contemporary rug editor Sibylle de

For this first joint collection, Sibylle
de Tavernost gave carte blanche to Anissa
Kermiche, whose modern poetry she admires,
creative freedom and commitment. This rug
exclusive, available in three formats and two colors,
is thought of as an art object in its own right.

It can be placed on the ground or hung on the wall
like a figurative tapestry.

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Sibylle de tavernost x ALMA INTERIEURS

The ALMA rug was born out of a collaboration between SIBYLLE DE TAVERNOST and the interior design firm ALMA INTERIEURS.

Laetitia d'Arjuzon & Alexandra Malgrain, founders of the architecture firm, imagine and sign door handles with a design halfway between art deco and primitive art. From there was born the idea of ​​working a carpet in accordance with this design.

A co-creation between the architects and the carpet publishing house to achieve an exceptional piece in the colors of Africa, dear to both houses.

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Sibylle de tavernost x eva taulois

In 200 x 300cm format in hand-tufted wool, the model is available for custom order.

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Sibyl of Tavernost x PEPO

Discover our collection of rugs with the artist PEPO.

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Sibylle de tavernost x VILTIER

Know-how is a common obsession of Maison Viltier and Studio Perrier, where the desire for excellence is at the service of artistic creation for the creation of exceptional pieces. It's in
this dynamic that Studio Perrier has created a rug on-
measure with Sibylle de Tavernost. A hand weaving carried out in its workshops in India, 350 hours of
work, like a painting on the ground, illustrating a movement of
abstract colorful wave.

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