Magnificent fields of expression, carpets exalt the imagination and reveal raw and natural materials thanks to the subtle gesture of the craftsman and the energy of
Sibyl of Tavernost. The collections, whether graphic, textured or
classics are thus carriers of meaning and vectors of emotions, they skilfully mix impulse, exception and durability.

Portrait - Sibylle de Tavernost, carpet designer and editor

After beginning her career in marketing for a large group in the perfume industry, where she learned the codes of luxury, Sibylle de Tavernost chose in her thirties to take a new path. This travel and wide-open spaces enthusiast, especially those of Africa, which she likes to explore on horseback, wishes to highlight the talent of the craftsmen she meets and admires. She sharpens her eye, explores different skills, builds her project according to her intuition. If her sources of inspiration and her desires are multiple, she finds in the art of the rug one of the most beautiful ways to combine creativity and craftsmanship. The edition then takes on its full meaning. Freed from fashions, imbued with her adventures around the world and guided by her instinct, Sibylle de Tavernost creates a brand that looks like her: authentic and inspiring.

A sincere and collective commitment to craftsmanship

Sibylle De Tavernost's rugs are designed in Paris and made in northern India, on the border with Nepal. In this region renowned for its mastery of traditional techniques, craftsmen excel in hand knotting, a process that requires great meticulousness and involves a long time. The designer founded a workshop dedicated to her brand with Ifrah, a young local entrepreneur. This decisive meeting makes it possible to support a know-how in the process of dying out, to better control production, to weave a dynamic social bond, but also to participate in the economy of this village by employing today about twenty weavers. . More than a simple manufacturing workshop, this place is the result of a bond and a precious exchange between two women and two cultures. They
commit together to produce ethical and sustainable editions that enhance the collective work.

Tavernost's Sibylle rugs are made with natural materials (wool, silk, bamboo silk, jute, cotton), they are hand-knotted or on a loom, in the traditional way. The dyes, also natural, are made in a cauldron and patinated in the sun. The workshop thus favors a manufacturing method that respects people and nature.

The carpet, a free expression

The rugs are imagined as floor paintings, they then become the canvas on which inspiration takes shape. Each creation tells a story, that imagined by Sibylle de Tavernost but also that of the craftsman who wove it with his hands and then of the recipient who will live with it on a daily basis. The Sibylle de Tavernost editions are designed to cross the generations, like a family painting that is transmitted with emotion.

The interplay of colors, abstract shapes and graphic lines, the effects of materials, the pictorial rhythm, summon in turn the lands of Africa, the heritage of Sibylle de Tavernost's painter grandfather, nature or the cosmos. A great creative playground, the carpet allows this melting pot of inspirations. Footprint of a
creative freedom without preconceptions, Sibylle de Tavernost has thus developed a language of its own, her rugs combine ancestral know-how and aesthetic power. They echo a vision of contemporary luxury galvanized by a fascination for the craftsmanship, a fine balance between elegance and accuracy, without losing sight of functionality and timelessness.

Sibylle de Tavernost also likes to invite other artists, designers and creators to imagine rugs in collaboration, with the guideline of highlighting craftsmanship combined with a narrative and sensitive approach.