The capsule collection Belle Saison was born from the synergy of two young creative and entrepreneurial women: designer Anissa Kermiche and contemporary rug producer Sibylle de Tavernost.

For this first joint collection, Sibylle de Tavernost gave carte blanche to Anissa Kermiche, whose modern poetry, creative freedom and commitment she admires. This exclusive rug, available in three formats and two colors, is designed as an art object in its own right. It can be placed on the ground or hung on the wall like a figurative tapestry.


Faithful to her desire to shake up the codes, Anissa Kermiche
did not want to create a traditional shaped rug, but rather to
give it a sculptural and playful intention. The designer has
designed a large vase with fluid and wavy lines; the object
becomes a carpet, the use and perception are shaken up.

This design echoes her vocabulary of shapes, celebrating
generous feminine curves. It also brings to mind the flower
vases often painted by Matisse and the chimerical references
borrowed from tales.

This rug stands out in the decor, it becomes the main character
of a room. Anissa Kermiche thus creates surprise, blurs the
scales and reverses the narrative.

« For once it’s the coffee table that we place on the vase, rather
than the other way around » she laughs. The art of the carpet
is a playground that she had not yet explored, she is boldly
seizing it.

« It’s always exciting and inspiring to step out of our comfort
zone by collaborating with designers who open up new
perspectives for us » enthuses Sibylle de Tavernost in turn.


Coming from the same generation, the two young women
also share the same type of professional career guided by the
desire to combine passion and independence. This capsule
collection Belle Saison illustrates their complicity.

In order to bring Anissa’s drawing to life, Sibylle supported him
on the technical aspects and possibilities. Originally painted
by hand, the making of the rug had to best reflect the details
of the brushstrokes, thus imitating a real painting. This design
involves technical challenges and great artisanal dexterity. The
specific cutting of the shape, the mixture of wool and tencel
to provide relief, the hand knotting with a quality of 120,000
knots per square meter requires expert hands and meticulous
attention. The creation of the large format masterpiece requires
4 and 6 hands on the loom and a working time of more than
300 hours for weaving and finishing. The original drawing is
thus transcended in order to give it a new destination.

The design of Anissa Kermiche meets the know-how of Sibylle
de Tavernost editions to give life to a singular, joyful and
unexpected collection.



Anissa Kermiche, jewelry and homeware designer, founded her business in London in 2016.
She began her career in France in the engineering sector. Tired of the
corporate world and guided by her desire for freedom, she moved to London where she began a new path. After studied jewelry at Central Saint Martins and in the Hatton Garden jewelers’ quarter, she creates her own jewelry brand, inspired by generation of successful, powerful and inspiring women around her.

A few years later, she extended her creations to the home world.
During the pandemic, his business experienced meteoric growth, notably thanks to its famous vasesLove Handle. Anissa Kermiche now has a studio and a showroom in London where she continues to develop her brand.


Sibylle de Tavernost editions, founded in Paris in 2017, carry values of exchange, transmission and freedom, dear to the creator.

In the north of India, on the border with Nepal, Sibylle and Ifrah - a young local entrepreneur - founded a dedicated workshop to support disappearing know-how, improve production control and create a dynamic social fabric .

A magnificent field of expression, the carpet exalts the imagination and reveals raw and natural materials thanks to the subtle gesture of the craftsman and the energy of the founder.
The collections signed Sibylle de Tavernost carry meaning and emotion, they skillfully combine impulse, exception and sustainability.

Sibylle de Tavernost regularly invites artists and designers to imagine rugs for her brand. Their guideline is to highlight craftsmanship combined with a narrative and sensitive approach.
This collaboration with Anissa Kermiche affirms her desire to give voice to contemporary creation.


The capsule collection Belle Saison was born from the synergy of two young creative and entrepreneurial women: designer Anissa Kermiche and contemporary rug producer Sibylle de Tavernost.

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