Sibylle De Tavernost x PEPO

Collaborations are all the rage right now. Despite the times we live in and the credibility of certain partnerships (based on a large number of followers, royalties and marketing claims), we are off to try to create something that makes sense, at least for both of us.

We met years ago when we both worked for the same fragrance and fashion conglomerate. A family business that indeed made us feel like family. There was no hesitation for us to do a collaboration together. These 9 unique pieces are handcrafted by our team of artisans and based on Pepo's designs, pieces that were featured at his first exhibition, Dimoni, in January 2021. Over 4 months of work and countless hours of hand sewing. True masterpieces of care and craftsmanship.

Pepo Moreno was born in Spain in the last years of what we now call the millennial generation. He grew up drawing in his rural hometown and spent his young adult life flirting with a career as a singer while pursuing a bachelor's degree in communications and advertising.

Always an enemy of the closet and a friend of the arts, he moved to Berlin, a "poor but sexy" city, where he was able to see for himself the extent of the spectrum of homosexuality. It was then that his first series of drawings was born between the sad, the gay and the ugly.

Today, Pepo lives in Paris, and his paintings have become both a mockery and a celebration of gay stereotypes in Western pop culture. On the superficial level - the aesthetic - his work explores a myriad of saturated colors using different variations of acrylic painting techniques. Basically, it embraces some of the contradictions of modern gay life experience: from the sheer cheerfulness of being out, proud and simply alive, to the obsession with eternal youth and beauty that often hides loneliness. and the isolation of being an outcast.

Pepo had his first solo exhibition, Dimoni, at Galerie Charraudeau in January 2021. His works have been widely presented in different international media (El Pais, ICON, Odda Korea, Metal Magazine, Uommo Vogue...) and have collaborated with different fashion brands, such as Carne Bollente, Vans, Alled-Martinez and SafSafu.