Sibylle De Tavernost x MAUREEN KARSENTY

We are happy to present to you the furniture designed and resulting from the collaboration with Atelier Maureen Karsenty for the ANNE CALI wellness center located in the heart of the 8th arrondissement of Paris.
The architect's desire was to recreate the atmosphere of a Parisian apartment, both chic and warm, with parquet floors, moldings, fireplaces and large mirrors.
The custom-made furniture has therefore been designed to embody this Parisian elegance while providing softness and well-being:

- A welcome terminal in streaked oak, marble and brass

- An inviting bench for the waiting room

- Two armchairs all in roundness and 'powdery softness'

- A storage unit with clean, round shapes combining oak and caning

Sibylle De Tavernost puts made-to-measure and personalization at the heart of its rugs, furniture and decoration offer. Because we believe that each interior is unique and must be thought out with singularity, we work on each project with a fresh eye, take the time to listen to the expectations of our customers (individuals, architects or decorators) and design creative solutions based on measure.

Our customers appreciate our design signature combining simplicity, nobility of natural and raw materials, pure and unpretentious graphic lines but borrowed from audacity.

In our workshops, we strive to produce exceptional work for unique pieces. Each piece of furniture, each carpet reflects the imprint of the hand that is so dear to us. Our daily work is to work with people, a different culture rich in perpetuated craftsmanship.