All rugs are entirely handmade in our workshop in India. The founder and artistic director, Sibylle de Tavernost, created her own workshop in India 5 years ago. This workshop, and human adventure, were born from a beautiful meeting between Sibylle and a young Indian woman, with an entrepreneurial spirit. She is now at the head of the team in India, made up of around twenty weavers who perpetuate an ancestral tradition to which the House is very attached.


Each rug is entirely handmade, following a rigorous process:
- The dyeing of the natural materials used (wool, tencel, silk, jute, etc.)
- Hand weaving / knotting of the rug on our traditional looms
- The 'stretching' of the carpet once out of the weave
- Washing the carpet for the first time
- The 'sewing' and finishing part of the rug using traditional tools
- A second wash for a final makeover
- The 'sunburn' drying of the carpet in the open air

Each carpet reflects this handprint that is so dear to us. Our daily work is to work with people, a different culture rich in know-how and we strive to achieve exceptional work for unique pieces. In addition to this know-how, we come to affix our design and artistic imprint which, we hope, makes us unique.

We take care of the schooling of the children of our weavers during their working hours. Our foreman is a young woman who had the chance to benefit from a university education and to come from a privileged background in India. She is keen to find ways to contribute to the development of her village. On our very small scale, and at his side, we try to add a little sunshine to the daily life of the team.