Sibylle de Tavernost


Collaboration Sibylle de Tavernost x Caroline Andréoni La Maison

Designed by Caroline Andréoni, renowned interior designer, as part of the development of her first collection of furniture and decorative objects, this rug is made by Sibylle de Tavernost.

The Gaya model by Caroline Andréoni La Maison x Sibylle de Tavernost finds its inspiration in the organic world, meeting the mineral and the vegetable, its pattern is inspired by nature and more particularly by a cross section of a tree. Rich in detail, it takes up the emblematic colors of the Caroline Andréoni style with shades of pink and brown.

The manufacture of the Gaya carpet takes up the standards of quality and know-how of Sibylle de Tavernost thanks to the meticulous work of hand-knotted weaving. It is made in India, in a region renowned for its mastery of traditional techniques in carpet making.

Dimensions :
W: 300cm; 350cm
W: 200cm; 300cm

Materials :
100% wool.

Limited series of 10 unique pieces available to order on our website or in our Parisian showroom. For all tailor-made requests, write to us at

Expertise :

Each piece is handcrafted with passion and respect for a know-how perpetuated for generations. Use of natural fibers (here wool), dyeing done in a cauldron, weaving on a traditional loom, cutting with scissors, needlework, natural drying in the sun... the manufacturing process is rigorous and precise. Each rug is unique and a true testimony to this ancestral tradition.

Due to its hand weaving and two consecutive washes, it is possible that this may cause variations of a few centimeters on the final product.

Interview :

We have chosen to offer a 100% wool rug to ensure durability and easy maintenance.

The rug may shed excess wool in the form of fluff. We recommend vacuuming your carpet, without rubbing or brushing it, with a hard brush.

The wool washes well and withstands water. We advise not to use chemicals. In an emergency, call a textile care specialist.



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