Sibylle De Tavernost x EVA TAULOIS

Born in 1982 in Brittany, Eva lives and works between Nantes and Brest where she has set up her workshop in an old swimming pool. She likes to tell stories through her forms and very often gives titles of pieces of music to her works.

Since training at the School of Fine Arts in Brest, Eva Taulois has been interested in the flexibility of matter, the ability to cover objects. It scrutinizes and masters manual and industrial know-how. She draws, cuts, covers, models, paints and adjusts performing arts. It is a modern doctrine that advocates the fusion of art and life with an emphasis on simple forms and paintings, sculptures, architecture, design, furniture and the rearrangement of clothes.

In 2017, Eva Taulois presented a painted carpet as part of the Biennale de Lyon. A few years later, when the French Cliché duo met Sibylle de Tavernost (Maison S) at the launch of its custom-made carpet factory, the common desire to create an artist's edition was immediate. A call, a meeting, sitting on a carpet leads Eva Taulois to paint free and colorful shapes. From the artist's original paintings, Maison S weaves a canvas with woolen threads, color after color, the rug takes shape, the painting is restored.

The flamboyant colors occupy a full place in this original work: they create a rhythm and a welcoming atmosphere for the visitor.

This carpet will be published in 30 copies. In 2 x 3 format in hand-tufted wool, the model is also available for custom order.

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